Angela Lumbreras is the Co-Editor of the Kerronicle student newspaper of Alief Kerr High School in Houston, Texas. Lumbreras works with student journalists in East Texas to enhance regional connections for New Voices. 

“Ever since freshman year, my teacher insisted that journalism was about reporting truth to the people. Whether it was entertainment, opinions, or news stories, it is our job as journalists to provide news that help inform citizens, and depending on the type of story, free of bias. New Voices is a way to put censorship to an end if the legislation were to be passed. This would open way more doors for student journalists.”

What I Do

As the East Texas Regional Organizer, I work to share knowledge of New Voices legislation. Every voice counts, no matter who it is, or where it comes from.

I am responsible for reaching out to student journalists to stabilize or create connections with them along with constantly informing students and school administrators of East Texas about New Voices.

I will measure success as an officer by increasing publicity for New Voices Texas. My region, along with all others, have created support for the passing of the legislation.

By the end of the school year, I hope that I have influenced at least one person during my journey as an officer. To others, it might seem as if one person isn’t much. However, we all count. We’re together in this, to create a better way of journalism.