Catharine Li is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Horizon student newspaper of Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. Li relays important information and coordinates publicity efforts by creating and managing content for New Voices social communication platforms.

“It is critical to amplify the powerful and unceasingly authentic voices of student journalists who play integral roles in their communities to tell stories that would otherwise go untold. The fight to pass New Voices legislation is an effort to secure resolute protection from censorship, ensuring that campus newsrooms will not be silenced.”

What I Do

Returning to serve as the Communications Officer of New Voices Texas, I work to relay important updates concerning the New Voices movement in our state. I will ensure that digital advocacy efforts are carried out in a timely, concise, and clear manner. With the addition of the Communications & Social Media Specialist position, I look forward to collaborating with Krista, Nyla, and Dominic to bolster our campaign’s presence on expanded fronts.

While coordinating dynamic publicity efforts, I will utilize compelling visuals to amplify informational material, leading outreach projects to mobilize our audience to take action by way of our website and various social media platforms.

Both empowered and awed by the sheer diversity and tenacity of scholastic media programs across the state, I seek to strengthen the inextinguishable spirit of community, using a plethora of powerful social platforms as a purposeful vessel for driving visibility and calling attention to the significance of young voices. By facilitating a welcome space for open discussion and building a forum to share forthright perspectives on the challenges and triumphs of the student journalist experience, I will help develop a stronger coalition of supporters.