Flora Farr is the Co-News Site Editor-in-Chief of Comm Arts Media, the student news site of Communications Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas. In conjunction with the regional organizing team, Farr works alongside Kaitlyn Nash, Scott Seamon, and Rachel Setlik to build a stronger network of support for the New Voices cause.

“My advisor initially introduced me to New Voices and issues that student journalists have been faced with during my freshman year. I was shocked to learn that students weren’t being granted their first amendment rights to free press. I was also shocked that in an age where people are less trusting of the media, the journalists of tomorrow weren’t being given the chance to practice ethical journalism that they could carry on in the future simply because of school politics and the agendas of administrators. Knowing that I could help give students the right to express themselves freely with good journalism, I felt urged to join New Voices in working to pass a bill that protects this right for students as well as the advisors who educate them.” 

What I Do

As a Regional Organizing Specialist for Central and South Texas, I work to collaborate with my officers and fellow specialists to expand the outreach of our goal for greater student press freedom and advisor protection.

Through reaching out to students and advisors virtually and in person, I hope to gain supporters to help get our bill passed by lobbying, providing censorship testimony, or helping financially.

I will measure success as an officer by how many new testimonies and supporters I am able to gain by the end of the school year, and am hoping that by the time, our bill is finally passed!