Kaitlyn Nash is the Co-Head Editor of The Hawk student newspaper of Hendrickson High School in Plugerville, Texas. Nash works with student journalists in Central and South Texas to enhance regional connections for New Voices. 

“It’s extremely important to be an advocate for student press freedom because censorship is a harmful practice that limits the ideas expressed everywhere. If we stop it at the source, we can make sure everyone’s ideas are heard, not just a minority of ideas.”

What I Do

As the Regional Organizer for Central and South Texas, I work to unite people on our cause. I am responsible for forming lasting connections with a multitude of schools in Central and South Texas in order to connect young journalists with ideas on how to stand up for their rights as journalists.

We all need to be united to create change and that’s exactly what I’m hoping to do. I will measure success as an officer by reaching out to as many young journalists as I can, and seeing how much larger the support for our cause grows.

By the end of the school year, I hope that I have inspired people to become forces of change for their schools and to join us in our advocacy.