Keana Saberi, Education Officer


Keana Saberi is a junior and the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Westwood Horizon online news publication at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas.

“My passion and writing skillset compelled me to take part in this organization, to fight for altered state legislation to protect the rights of the free press for high school journalism students facing censorship. I strive to fight for clearer and strengthened student press rights and to educate others on the importance of the free press, especially for student journalists.”

Mylo Bissell, Legal Officer


Mylo Bissell is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle’s Eye at Akins Early College High School in Austin Texas.

“I am involved in New Voices because when our principal stepped down it became a source of anxiety for our staff. We were left scared because of a lack of assurance that our right to publish what we wanted wouldn’t be protected. The work New Voices does gives me hope that we can put a stop to these anxieties for student journalists in Texas.” 

Christine Vo, Communication Officer


Christine Vo is a senior and Editor-in-Chief for Fidelity Yearbook at Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield, Texas.

“I got involved in New Voices to stand up for the students within my community and fight for the freedom of student press throughout Texas schools. I want to be able to bring awareness to our movement on many different platforms that engage and expand our audience by creating visual messages to convey our motivation as well as keep everyone intertwined on our journey.”

Mia Nguyen, Regional Organizer Officer


Mia Nguyen attends Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas.

“I am involved in New Voices because writing without barriers is key to providing truthful news and sharing what is important. I hope to use this organization as a platform that encourages other student journalists to use writing to express themselves, and others’ stories, and strive for a truly free scholastic press.”


Cade Spencer, Club Development Officer


Cade Spencer is a senior and Program Editor-in-Chief of The Dispatch Publication at James Bowie High School in Austin, Texas.

“I have been a student journalist for five years, and I understand the important role a student journalist plays in a school community. I am eager for student journalists to have full press rights so that they can best fulfill their important role.” 

Katlynn Fox, State Organizer Officer


Katlynn Fox is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of The Hawk Eye newspaper at Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas.

“I am involved in new voices because I am passionate about liberating high school journalists and securing their rights. All journalists deserve to share their stories without fear of censorship or prior review.”

David Doerr,
Faculty Adviser


David Doerr is a newspaper adviser at W. Charles Akins High School in Austin, Texas.

“I am involved in New Voices because I have enjoyed working at a school where I have had the privilege of advising student publications without problems related to censorship or prior review by administrators. This experience has allowed our journalism students to produce ethically and responsibly produced news coverage that is relevant and important for our readership. However, I understand that not all advisers and students enjoy this experience. I believe that this should not be a privilege, but a right for all across Texans.”