New Voices Texas is led by seven student journalists from across Texas and a student publication adviser. The student leaders volunteer their time to pass a law that will clarify the roles of students, advisers, and administrators involved in the student publication process in Texas.

The regional organizing team works to build a more pronounced and diverse coalition of student journalists across the entire state. Four officers have been assigned to serve as Regional Organizers for the North, East, West and Central/South Texas regions specified on the Texas Education Agency’s Education Service Center map seen on the right.

Learn more about our Regional Organizer team by checking out this page.

Carey Beth Wooley

Legislative Officer |

Carey Beth Wooley is a staff writer for The Dispatch student newspaper at James Bowie High School in Austin, Texas. Wooley coordinates New Voices Texas’ advocacy efforts with members of the Texas Legislature.

❝This country prides itself on free speech and that freedom must be necessary for everyone. Every publication in this country no matter if it is student run or a professional newspaper has the right to publish without censorship.❞

Catharine Li

Communications Officer |

Catharine Li is the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Horizon student newspaper at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. Li relays important information and coordinates publicity efforts by creating and managing content for New Voices social platforms.

❝It is critical to amplify the powerful and unceasingly authentic voices of student journalists who play integral roles in their communities to tell compelling stories that would otherwise go untold. The fight to pass New Voices legislation is an effort to secure resolute protection from censorship, ensuring that campus newsrooms will not be silenced.❞

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Keana Saberi

Education Officer |

Keana Saberi is the Editor in Chief of the Horizon student newspaper at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. Saberi creates educational resources to raise awareness for New Voices efforts.

❝New Voices legislation is fundamental in establishing clear and concise laws to protect and foster ethical and honest student journalism. Not only is the legislation critical to ensuring students have protected rights under the law, but that those laws are safeguarded and are equal across the country, not subject to variations in local laws. Young journalists have a myriad of perspectives to share and should never be censored or subjected to prior restraint, especially when they strive to write with honesty and lead with a strong sense of professionalism.❞

MaKalie Farmer

Club Development & Regional Organizer (West TX: 14-19) |

MaKalie Farmer is the Editor In Chief of The Battery student newspaper at Abilene High School in Abilene, Texas. Farmer connects with student publication staff to form official New Voices clubs in addition to strengthening connections in the West Texas region.

❝We are the generation of the future. It’s important for us to protect our voices against censorship so we can create a better future for student publications across the nation.❞

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Jessica Gil

Regional Organizer & Podcast Editor (East TX: 4-8) |

Jessica Gil is a reporter for the Three Penny Press student newspaper at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas. Gil produces podcasts to enhance New Voices’ multimedia outreach campaign efforts in addition to strengthening connections in the East Texas region.

❝Legislation to protect student journalists has been passed in 14 out of 50 states. So, why isn’t Texas part of that 28%? The voice of all students at school is represented by student journalists. It is incorrect for administrators to use the Hazelwood decision to determine what should and should not be published. Taking the voice of someone else is erroneous. New Voices legislation is vital in order to protect not only student journalists, but all students’ voices at school and the topics that will be heard by the public.❞

Amoli Agarwal

Regional Organizer (Central and South TX: 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, and 20) |

Amoli Agarwal is the Campus News Editor of the Horizon student newspaper at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. Agarwal strengthens regional relationships to collaborate with students in Central and South Texas.

❝Protecting the rights of student journalists who wish to publish important information reinforces basic constitutional rights like freedom of speech by extension. While the journalists in question are students, their voices are equally, if not more essential than their adult counterparts. Fear of unjust consequences can prevent crucial knowledge from being shared, and New Voices legislation is necessary to eliminate this fear by clearly outlining the roles of administrators in student publications.❞

Kate Knauff

Regional Organizer (North TX: 9-11) |

Kate Knauff is the News Editor of The Hawk Eye student newspaper at Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas. In conjunction with the regional organizing team, Knauff works with students in North Texas to build a stronger network of support for the New Voices cause.

❝I believe New Voices legislation is necessary so that students who are a part of a press organization have the freedom to publish important information without censorship or prior review so that the general public is able to receive the news they are entitled to.❞

David Doerr

Adviser |

David Doerr is the staff adviser of The Eagle’s Eye student newspaper of Akins Early College High School in Austin, Texas. He assists the student leaders on the New Voices Texas board of directors.