Rachel Setlik is the Co-News Site Editor-in-Chief of Comm Arts Media, the student news site of Communications Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas. In conjunction with the regional organizing team, Setlik works alongside Kaitlyn Nash and Scott Seamon to build a stronger network of support for the New Voices cause.

“New Voices is important because it is an opportunity for students to take back their unjustly-censored voices. It is imperative and critical for all people, regardless of age, to be able to use their voices and capabilities to advocate and communicate with their surrounding communities, free from suppression.” 

What I Do

As a Regional Organizing Specialist for Central and South Texas, my responsibility is to aid in the rescission of prior review and ensure that all students are legally entitled to their respective voices through established law. 

Throughout the entirety of this legal process, I am accountable for assisting in reaching out to high school journalists, teachers, and faculty members to help spread awareness regarding the ever-increasing censorship and expunction of journalistic endeavors. 

Furthermore, in order to fully maximize the possibility of procurement of the aforementioned law and as an advocate for all student journalists, I work to communicate with legal entities. 

With harmonic partnership and passionate conviction, I assist in demonstrating the full reinstitution of student voices and their use of the press, free from suppression.