How to get your club started.

Welcome to the New Voices Texas Club Starter Kit.

We are eager to help you grow and strengthen your own campus-based clubs to help us build a statewide student coalition. Your clubs can help support our goals to pass a Texas New Voices law through your volunteer service, advocacy, and outreach efforts.

When we lobby at the Texas Capital and attend committee hearings, we seek to present a powerful and unified coalition of supports that will include students, teachers, administrators and school board members. that support our mission. Through the creating of local clubs, we can build our numbers of supporters to show the need for and the popularity of passage of a Texas New Voices law.

Within the Club Starter Kit, you will find an array of information. These documents outline the club foundation process including outreach, meeting ideas, and structures for club leadership. They will provide crucial assistance for the foundation and operation of your New Voices Texas club.

As members of our student coalition, we want to hear updates from you. As you carry out the club foundation process, please do not be afraid to reach out and ask for clarification or assistance.

Please email us with any new ideas or suggestions you may have. We are always searching for ways to be stronger and more effective. All of your questions, comments, ideas, and concerns can be sent to the email of the current Club Development Officer, MaKalie Farmer,