What you need to know

These resources are provided to help those who are interested in working to strengthen student press rights in Texas.

The New Voices Overview is as an introduction to the ongoing effort to secure student press rights across the nation and define what censorship is, and how you can take part and aid New Voices’ efforts.

How to approach an Administrator is a brief guide on how student journalists can combat censorship placed on their school news publications through using sound and intelligent arguments.

What is Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier? provides a history of the most recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that has set the current legal precedent, enabling many acts of censorship and prior review across the country since the 1988.

New Voices Timeline provides an overview of the impactful events that have affected student press rights in the United States and Texas.

The Club Starter Kit provides a set of social media files that can be used to promote awareness about the movement and how fellow students can be mobilized into support clubs for our statewide effort. We hope that the Club Starter Kit sparks your interest and initiates you to get involved in our growing and critical organized effort, whether you are a student journalist or not.

In order to instill pivotal change, we require your support and involvement. It is integral to the exercise of the First Amendment and to the continuous growth of our democratic nation. New Voices’ advocacy hopes to highlight that student journalists seek to produce high-quality and accurate journalism. Thank you for engaging in our cause.

For questions, contact Education Officer Keana Saberi at ksaberi2019@gmail.com.