West Texas Regional Organizer and Club Development Officer, MaKalie Farmer

As the West Texas (ESC Regions 14-19) Regional Organizing Officer and the Club Development Officer of New Voices Texas, I work to spread the story of student journalists across the state and reach out to other student publications to let them know they have a voice and a right to be heard. 

MaKalie Farmer

I am responsible for contacting student publications across regions 14 through 19 as a Regional Officer, reaching out to student publications and starting new clubs across the state, and getting the word out that New Voices is a cause worth fighting for.

I measure success as an officer by how much I influence people. I believe the more publications I can get to be interested in New Voices, the more likely we are to reach our goal. 

By the end of the school year, I hope I have made a substantial impact among student journalists and inspired them to fight for their rights. I also hope to inspire other students to find a cause they’re passionate about and advocate for change. 

Club Development Officer Job Description

The primary role of the position is to work with students in schools, primarily high schools, across Texas to form official school clubs centered around New Voices Texas. The clubs would preferably include both student journalists and non-journalism students as well as staff and teachers who desire to participate.

The officer should utilize New Voices Texas social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as mailing lists to connect with students and staff that would be interested in forming a club at their school. One effective strategy would be to reach out to journalism advisers at various schools asking for any students who could lead the foundation of a New Voices club. Once willing students/staff have been contacted, the officer can begin aiding in the club foundation process. 

The goal for the 2020-2021 school year is to form at least three clubs that have active participation in their schools as well as with the New Voices Texas campaign.

The club development officer should attempt to create official New Voices clubs in any school with students or staff who demonstrate interest. The overall goal of the club development is to generate support and interest in New Voices among both student journalists and non-journalist students. The more students and staff that support the organization, the more powerful the campaign will become, forming a larger volunteer force and an increased amount of engagement in the lawmaking process. 

When interest in New Voices is expressed by all students, regardless of their participation in journalism, schools and school districts are more likely to express support for the New Voices Texas campaign.