Student Press Freedom Day 2022

This Thursday, February 24th, students are preparing to participate in Student Press Freedom Day 2022, an important day of action aiming to amplify the efforts of student journalists nationwide and increase visibility for the key roles they play in their respective campuses and greater community.

As we reflect on the multitude of challenges that continue to threaten student First Amendment rights, New Voices Texas needs your help.

In conjunction with the Student Press Law Center, we encourage you to join us in celebrating scholastic media this week by taking action below.

How will you unmute yourself?


JOIN THE Conversation
Register for a Zoom discussion on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Learn more about the New Voices movement in Texas and our efforts to advocate for a state law to protect the rights of student journalists.
Pre-register HERE.
Facilitate a classroom discussion
Click to view a comprehensive resource document to aid in facilitating classroom discussion of student press rights in Texas.
We want to hear from you! Share a video response on our FlipGrid board with your perspective on student journalism.
What does student journalism mean to you? What can students do to raise awareness of the issues surrounding student press rights in Texas?
Get involved with New Voices Texas
Led by seven student officers and an advisor officer, New Voices Texas is committed to empowering student journalists across the state to build community and bolster our outreach efforts to continue advocating for free speech rights. Learn more on our website.