In my position as State Organizer Officer, my first charge will be to build a coalition of supporters to pass a New Voices law in Texas. This will require collaborating with my fellow board members to organize communication, recruitment, education, and lobbying efforts. I will also work closely with the Regional Organizing Officers to bring stakeholders from all areas of the state together for a coordinated lobbying effort before and during the upcoming legislative session, which will start in January.

As a lead organizer for New Voices Texas, I will have a managerial role in which I will check in regularly with my fellow officers and set a calendar of when certain tasks must be completed. 

I will also work closely with the Legislative Officer to regularly communicate with elected representatives and other allies for our organization throughout the state of Texas. Establishing relationships with supporters across many districts will create a more diverse coalition and allow New Voices to have a broader range of support. During the legislative session, I will also be organizing lobby days when students will speak in front of legislators in hopes of gaining their support for the passage of a New Voices law.

I will also collaborate with our Communications Officer to build our online presence by utilizing platforms to ensure that allies have the opportunity to contribute to New Voices in many ways, including signing petitions, attending online panels, and facilitating correspondence with representatives and decision-makers and influencers across the state. 

As a strong team of student leaders, we will advocate for student press freedom rights and educate others on the importance of student journalists in our communities.