As the Regional Organizer for Central and South Texas (ESC Regions 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, and 20) of New Voices Texas, I work to consolidate the ideas of student press freedoms with more extensive goals written in our Constitution throughout a wide range of groups in Central and South Texas. With outreach to student publication advisors and the use of platforms like Action Network, I seek to ensure that every student journalist in this region understands the various possibilities New Voices legislation can bring to newsrooms across Texas.

Amoli Agarwal

By working with school boards and administrators, I intend to increase the trust and transparency between student journalism efforts and school authorities in order to strengthen the overall purpose of our legislation. Through advocacy in high schools, I aim to extend our cause beyond student press rights by demonstrating its importance towards upholding American laws and ideals in order to gather the support of students and teachers not directly connected to student journalism.

My primary objective is to create and maintain connections with student journalists, high schools, officials, and teachers all over my region in order to raise awareness and support for this pivotal movement in student journalism. I aspire to advance an enduring impact on student journalists, allowing them freedom from censorship and unjust consequences.