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East Texas Regional Organizer and Podcast Editor, Jessica Gil

As the Regional Organizer for East Texas (ESC Regions 4-8) and Podcast Editor of New Voices Texas, I work to ensure that all of the East Texas region is aware of our attempts to pass the New Voices legislation. 

Jessica Gil

This state law will protect student journalists from censorship by school officials and cure problems with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1988 Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier decision. I am responsible for building connections with supporters and allies to promote the New Voices movement. I will also work to recruit new advocates from high schools, whether it be student journalists, teachers, or administrators in the East Texas region. I have created the first ever podcast for New Voices Texas, where I will be hosting in-person or virtual interviews with student journalists, school administrators, and even lawmakers that are with our cause. I will be doing this in order for student journalists, school administrators, representatives, and all of Texas to become more familiar with our organization as it gains traction. 

As an officer, I will measure success by gaining as much support as possible, both in terms of podcast listeners and support from many high schools, legislators, and anyone who is unfamiliar with New Voices. I hope that by the end of this school year, I will have garnered as much support as possible from both existing New Voices supporters and new supporters that I hope to recruit. 

Communications Officer, Catharine Li

As the Communications Officer of New Voices Texas, I work to relay important updates about the New Voices movement in Texas. I will ensure that our digital advocacy efforts are carried out in a timely, concise, and clear manner.

Catharine Li

While coordinating dynamic publicity efforts, I will utilize compelling visuals to amplify informational material, leading outreach projects to mobilize our campaign audience to take action by way of our website and various social media platforms.

Both empowered and awed by the sheer diversity and tenacity of scholastic media programs across the state, I seek to strengthen the inextinguishable spirit of community, using a plethora of powerful social platforms as a purposeful vessel for driving visibility, calling attention to the significance of young voices. By facilitating a welcome space for open discussion, building a forum to share forthright perspectives about the challenges and triumphs of the student journalist experience, I will help develop a stronger, more resilient coalition of supporters. 

Beyond simply raising awareness with these platforms, I will help build connections to facilitate sharing the stories of Texas student journalists. It is my ultimate goal to work with my fellow officers to galvanize lasting change, increasing transparency between students, consumers of scholastic media, and parties of influence, encouraging them to pass a New Voices law in Texas.

Education Officer, Keana Saberi

As the Education officer of New Voices Texas, I work to curate educational materials that detail our mission to prioritize the legal rights of student journalists.

Keana Saberi

In conjunction with this effort, I work to inform others on the crucial role of student journalists and how the student press is a fundamental forum highlighting a myriad of perspectives and empowered voices while adhering to ethical and professional journalistic standards.

In addition, I will discuss the prevalence of censorship and how the New Voices movement seeks to combat unduly censorship of the student press. I will create educational content that is credible and can be dispersed to further expand the growing quantity of New Voices supporters and student journalism advocates.

My hope is that by the end of my high school career, I have helped to bolster this critical effort and have contributed to student journalists receiving the respect and full-encompassing rights they deserve.

Legislative Officer Job Description

As the legislative officer of New Voices Texas, I work to build relationships between our supporters and members of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate. 

This involves setting up meetings with members of the Legislature’s education committees, identifying bill sponsors, and providing them with the resources they need to advance the legislation through the lawmaking process. 

I will familiarize myself with the legislative process and work to educate other supporters about effective strategies needed to pass a bill into law. I will work to build positive relationships with lawmakers of all parties to pass this non-partisan law that will benefit all Texans.

I also work with the Student Press Law Center to enlist experts on matters of censorship and student press rights to ensure we are providing accurate and helpful information to pass New Voices legislation.

I will work closely with the other New Voices board officers to organize lobbying efforts in which supporters will show their support for the immediate need for this law to ensure the press rights of students and protect teachers and administrators from misconceptions involving the publication process.

I will assist in the coordination of efforts to build support from various stakeholders including school board trustees, administrators, students, and parents.

Communications Officer Job Description

As the Communication Officer, I will take the lead in coordinating publicity efforts via the website, social media channels and media outreach campaigns.

I use storytelling and visual design to make informative presentations to educate supporters and decision-makers. I will keep all members and people involved on the New Voices journey updated as things advance. I will ensure the New Voices identity is easily represented in everything we create and share.

I will work to create material for other officers, when needed, to create a smooth process when sharing and spreading information. I will guide the voice and look of New Voices to be professional and informative by creating visually appealing presentations. With the information provided by other officers, I will design materials for use within their areas of focus.

I am responsible for creating an environment of open conversation about student journalistic rights by keeping everything up to date and accessible for everyone to stay connected and informed.

Regional Organizer Officer Job Description

As Regional Organizer Officer my position requires the acts of compiling contacts and making representatives and allies of our organization familiar and aware of New Voices. Growing familiarity with the organization will ensure more recognition with representatives, legislators, and our communities. 

I will help ensure that our organization and efforts are known within my region. Keeping contact with coordinate advocates and other officials will help keep New Voices prepared and organized for advocacy days, such as lobby days, informal sessions, and hearing attendances. Along with contacting coordinate advocates, I will also create and compile presentations, resources, and schedules for any New Voices related meetings. 

I will be working closely with our State Organizer Officer and Legal Officer to organize New Voices events and meetings. It is also pertinent that I work along with our Communication Officer to efficiently contact the needed allies and officials that will ensure the success of our meetings.

State Organizer Officer Job Description

In my position as State Organizer Officer, my first charge will be to build a coalition of supporters to pass a New Voices law in Texas. This will require collaborating with my fellow board members to organize communication, recruitment, education, and lobbying efforts. I will also work closely with the Regional Organizing Officers to bring stakeholders from all areas of the state together for a coordinated lobbying effort before and during the upcoming legislative session, which will start in January.

As a lead organizer for New Voices Texas, I will have a managerial role in which I will check in regularly with my fellow officers and set a calendar of when certain tasks must be completed. 

I will also work closely with the Legislative Officer to regularly communicate with elected representatives and other allies for our organization throughout the state of Texas. Establishing relationships with supporters across many districts will create a more diverse coalition and allow New Voices to have a broader range of support. During the legislative session, I will also be organizing lobby days when students will speak in front of legislators in hopes of gaining their support for the passage of a New Voices law.

I will also collaborate with our Communications Officer to build our online presence by utilizing platforms to ensure that allies have the opportunity to contribute to New Voices in many ways, including signing petitions, attending online panels, and facilitating correspondence with representatives and decision-makers and influencers across the state. 

As a strong team of student leaders, we will advocate for student press freedom rights and educate others on the importance of student journalists in our communities. 

Education Officer Job Description

As Education Officer, my role will entail raising awareness regarding the fundamental origin of the fight for lasting student press freedom and the precedents that altered the rights of the student press including the influential Hazelwood and Tinker court cases. 

I will support New Voices Texas educational efforts by reaching out to fellow student journalists in Texas with the help of my fellow officers. I will educate on the crucial nature of the press and why censorship stifles ethical and honest journalism. I hope to spread a greater understanding of what we as student journalists can do to help fellow student journalists learn about their rights. I will work to spread information about what the New Voices movement is trying to achieve and how we wish to achieve it specifically through legislative action. 

I will work with the organizational officers and communications officer to set up a system of communication to facilitate educational posts regarding New Voices and student press rights. I will also work with the Club Development Officer to make sure individual schools have the tools and resources to create their own branches of New Voices in their school communities which can feed into the larger movement as a whole. 

Club Development Officer Job Description

The primary role of the position is to work with students in schools, primarily high schools, across Texas to form official school clubs centered around New Voices Texas. The clubs would preferably include both student journalists and non-journalism students as well as staff and teachers who desire to participate.

The officer should utilize New Voices Texas social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as mailing lists to connect with students and staff that would be interested in forming a club at their school. One effective strategy would be to reach out to journalism advisers at various schools asking for any students who could lead the foundation of a New Voices club. Once willing students/staff have been contacted, the officer can begin aiding in the club foundation process. 

The goal for the 2020-2021 school year is to form at least three clubs that have active participation in their schools as well as with the New Voices Texas campaign.

The club development officer should attempt to create official New Voices clubs in any school with students or staff who demonstrate interest. The overall goal of the club development is to generate support and interest in New Voices among both student journalists and non-journalist students. The more students and staff that support the organization, the more powerful the campaign will become, forming a larger volunteer force and an increased amount of engagement in the lawmaking process. 

When interest in New Voices is expressed by all students, regardless of their participation in journalism, schools and school districts are more likely to express support for the New Voices Texas campaign. 

New Voices Texas announces expanded board of officers for 2020 – 2021

New Voices Texas is excited to announce a new expanded line-up of officers that will lead our organization and the fight to pass a law preventing censorship and clarifying the roles of administrators in the student publication process.

An appointment committee interviewed various interested applicants from across the state and selected five of them to join the ranks as officers in a newly expanded board of officers composed of seven members. This new board structure will provide expanded leadership opportunities and more specific areas of focus for each new board member.

The 2020-2021 board will be composed of the following positions and individuals.

Legislative Officer

Mylo Bissell — Akins High School in Austin, TexasMylo-square

“I am involved in New Voices because when our principal stepped down it became a source of anxiety for our staff. We were left scared because of a lack of assurance that our right to publish what we wanted wouldn’t be protected. The work New Voices does gives me hope that we can put a stop to these anxieties for student journalists in Texas.”

Contact Mylo at

State Organizer Officer

Katlynn Fox — Hebron High School in Carrollton, TexasKatlynn-square

“I am involved in new voices because I am passionate about liberating high school journalists and securing their rights. All journalists deserve to share their stories without fear of censorship or prior review.”

Contact at Katlynn at

Regional Organizer Officer

Mia Nguyen — Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas Mia-square

“I am involved in New Voices because writing without barriers is key to providing truthful news and sharing what is important. I hope to use this organization as a platform that encourages other student journalists to use writing to express themselves, and others’ stories, and strive for a truly free scholastic press.”

Contact Mia at

Communications Officer

Christine Vo — Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield, TexasChristine-square

“I got involved in New Voices to stand up for the students within my community and fight for the freedom of student press throughout Texas schools. I want to be able to bring awareness to our movement on many different platforms that engage and expand our audience by creating visual messages to convey our motivation as well as keep everyone intertwined on our journey.”

Contact Christine at

Club Development Officer

Cade Spencer — James Bowie High School in Austin, TexasCade-Square

“I have been a student journalist for five years, and I understand the important role a student journalist plays in a school community. I am eager for student journalists to have full press rights so that they can best fulfill their important role.”

Contact Cade at

Education Officer

Keana Saberi — Westwood High School in Austin, TexasKeana-square

“My passion and writing skillset compelled me to take part in this organization, to fight for altered state legislation to protect the rights of the free press for high school journalism students facing censorship. I strive to fight for clearer and strengthened student press rights and to educate others on the importance of the free press, especially for student journalists.”

Contact Keana at

Adviser Officer

David Doerr — Akins High School in Austin, TexasDoerr square crop

“I am involved in New Voices because I have enjoyed working at a school where I have had the privilege of advising student publications without problems related to censorship or prior review by administrators. This experience has allowed our journalism students to produce ethically and responsibly produced news coverage that is relevant and important for our readership. However, I understand that not all advisers and students enjoy this experience. I believe that this should not be a privilege, but a right for all across Texans.”

Contact David at